Our Founder

For more than 20 years, Sunshine has worked in New York City as a celebrity hair stylist. With clients including Kelly Rowland, Miley Cyrus, Melanie Fiona & more, she would often use hair pins and other hair accessories to create memorable looks that appear on the grammy red carpet, the MTV awards, campaigns and other ads. 

After the birth of her son, Sunshine embarked on a spiritual journey as her desire to have a greater impact on the world grew. Ignited by a backpacking trip through Africa with her then 4- year-old, Sunshine was clear her purpose was to inspire women to express their powerful nature.

Sunshine, inspired by earth's element of pearl and gold encapsulates these influences & expresses it through hair accessories giving birth Sanctioned By Gods.

Sanctioned By Gods™

Sanctioned By Gods is a brand designed exclusively for self-made women, who embrace their rebellious nature of strength and individuality. Despite overcoming challenges, she remains beautifully authentic. Our fashion  serves as her expressive coat of armor as she manifests the life she desires. Whether it's in the boardroom or on a vacation with friends, when a Sanctioned By Gods woman enters the room, all eyes are on her, and she  confidently wears SBG to make those showstopping moments even more memorable.

Founded in 2022, Sunshine's handcrafted headbands and hair accessories, offer an exhilarating experience to spark this synergistic energy that brings her pieces to life. Produced by global artisans, balance is captured with pearl, gold, colorful crystals, and seasonal textiles reminiscent of earth's elements.

To be sanctioned, is to be granted official permission or punishment. Through Sanctioned By Gods, we hope to accentuate the beautiful power women exude by living a liberated life no matter the consequence. This quintessential intersection of global inspirations reveals your most rebellious nature.

Rebellious is our legacy.

Rebellious Is Our Purpose

Sanctioned By Gods™ offers a wide range of hair accessories to compliment seasonal fashion trends. With 86% of workers and 80% of managers believe "clothing choices affect a person's chances of being promoted," our mission is to provide fashionable hair accessories for the rule breakers of today and the leaders of tomorrow. In an effort to better impact our community, a portion of proceeds are donated to organizations in line with our company's mission.

Black Girls CODE

Black Girls Code build pathways for young women of color to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders and creators by introducing them to skills in computer programming and technology. Founded by Kimberly Bryant in 2011 to improve the pipeline of Black girls looking to disrupt the tech industry. Today, they aim to deepen their impact and optimize core programming to break into tech by enhancing girls’ learning experiences in-person and online.

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